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16-Week LEAN BULK Package

Borre Dekker

16-Week LEAN BULK Package

€159,00 EUR €199,99 EUR


  • 2 Customized Training Plans (8 – weeks) + Deload Week
  • 1 Customized meal plan for rest & training
  • 1 Customized meal plan for cheat days and a party meal
  • Free E-Mail Support
  • A Complete guide to your Meal Plan, Training Plan and Cheat Meal Plan

    The 16 weeks lean bulk package is ideal for total body transformation in a short window of time. The content of the package will show you how to build your ideal body in a matter of weeks.

    Questions about this, or any other products? Feel free to contact me through the contact page or through one of my social platforms :)

    All purchases are final after the first week of product delivery.  

    Photo by Marc.Bu

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