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Photo by Richard Broekhuijzen Photography
My name is Borre Dekker. I was born in 1998 and live in Amsterdam. A sudden change in my life instigated a spark to get me to exercise. And lift I did. I have been doing sports for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, I didn't quite have the "athlete"-physique. Instead, I was slightly on the chubbier side. This was mainly due to my diet at the time.

At the age of 12, I decided that I wanted to change this look. Over the summer, I decided to do 15 minutes worth of crunches every day and hoped to get a clean cut six pack abs like fitness models. I also ate as less as possible. Obviously, this didn't result in much. I gave up and gained all the weight back within a short window of time.

By early 2012, I figured out the caloric deficit aspect of losing fat and getting a six pack. I discovered that abs were made in the kitchen and not by doing 15 minutes of crunches. I started doing a lot more HIIT workouts and lost weight.


At 16 - I learned more about actual weightlifting and bodybuilding. I started hitting the gym religiously and tracking my calories accordingly. I started to commit my whole lifestyle to fitness, missing out on a lot of things like “bad” foods I loved, parties and other social activities. I thought these things would negatively impact my progress.


Over the years I learned this couldn’t be further from the truth. You most can definitely combine completely different lifestyles without having one having to negatively impact the other. I learned how to combine parties and social activities, good foods and drinks while simultaneously building my dream physique and even doing fitness photoshoots.

Fitness is all about getting the most out of life. Living life to the fullest, enjoying all its precious moments, culinary experiences and more while having that ideal body you always dreamt of.

My passion is to help and educate you, how to build your dream physique while still enjoying all the things you enjoy doing in life.

After years of studying, researching, analysing and coaching I have now launched my own website, services and self-titled brand. Welcome to Borre Dekker. Take a look!


PS: I am NASM-Certified!