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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Should I cut or should I bulk?

If you are (slightly) overweight or you consider yourself overweight I would recommend starting with a cut to get your abs/muscles showing.

If you consider yourself “skinny” or “small” and you already have a fairly low percentage of bodyweight I would recommend starting with a bulking program.

Do you consider yourself so called “skinny fat” (not a lot of muscle mass and also not a low body-fat percentage but not necessarily “overweight”. This is how I started out) I would recommend starting with a cut. Get those muscles showing and start a lean bulk after that, building more muscle mass along the way.

What does the “cheat meal plan” mean?

    The cheat meal plan is an extra meal plan you receive with every program. The cheat meal plan gives you the option to still enjoy junk foods and drinks during your cut or bulk without ruining your progress. The cheat meal plan effectively takes into account, a cheat meal which you can fill up with whatever you like (you favourite food, drinks). You will also receive a document explaining exactly how to correctly implement your cheat meal plan in your program without ruining any made progress.

    When will I receive my plans?

      After your order is completed and you send the question form you will receive your plans within 1 week.

      What are the payment options?

        We have a variety of payment methods including all major credit cards, PayPal and iDeal.

        How will I receive my product?

          Upon completion of your payment, you will receive an automatically downloaded pdf file. The PDF file will connect you to the question form so I can tailor your products. Once I have the documents complete, I will email them to you personally. 

          What happens after I completed the payment?

            After you completed your payment you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the question form. After submitting the question form I will start and make your plans which you will receive within 1 week.

            What does the email support mean?

              The email support comes with every product and means that you can always contact me for question or tips about your purchased products. 


              Do I have to eat the same foods every day?

                No, absolutely not. The meal plans are completely customised and come with multiple food options. If you bought a program you can also implement your cheat meal plan allowing to eat whatever you like. (more info at “What does the “cheat meal plan” mean?)

                Can my meal plan be personalized based on my preferences and/or allergies?

                  Yes! Your meal plans are completely customised based on your preferences and/or allergies.

                  What if I don’t see results after following the meal plans strictly?

                    If you don’t see any results (weight wise) within 2 weeks when following your meal plans strictly you can contact me and I will reduce or increase your caloric intake accordingly.

                    Can I still drink alcohol or eat “junk food” during my cut or bulk?

                      In all my programs you’ll receive an extra meal plan which allows you to still enjoy drinks/junk food during your cut or bulk. (more info at “What does the “cheat meal plan” mean?)

                      Do I have to weigh out all my food?

                        I definitely recommend weighing out all your foods for optimal results. Small differences in weight can quickly lead to a relatively big caloric deficit or surplus which can mess up your progress.


                        Do I need a gym membership?

                          If you buy a training plan you will need a gym membership. If you only buy a meal plan you don’t necessarily need a gym membership.

                          I have an injury, is this a problem?

                            No problem! You can indicate you have an injury in the question form and I will take your injury in account when making your training plan.

                            If you are using my training plan and feel certain pains occurring during certain exercises, please contact a health professional to rule out any injuries.

                            Do I have to do cardio?

                              No. You don’t have to do any cardio when doing a cut or bulk. Of course you are allowed to do extra cardio if you’d like to but you are NOT obligated to do any cardio.


                              How does the coaching support/contact work?

                                You will receive my personal phone number and you’re able to contact me at any time. We will also plan in 2 x 30 minute phone conversation during the 4 weeks of coaching.

                                What kind of support can I expect with coaching?

                                  After receiving my number for WhatsApp, you can ask me all kinds of question relating your plans. You can also expect motivational support.